Scenic City ARK

Helping people help people

Ever since a group of like minded individuals came together under one banner to help their neighbors, Scenic City ARK has provided food, clothing, and comfort to thousands of people in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Scenic City ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) is a nondenominational, Holy Spirit centered group with a vision to improve the lives of those in need whenever, and where ever possible.

It is our belief that the love of God is shown through Acts of Random Kindness, and blessings are granted not only to those less fortunate, but to the many volunteers that choose to make Scenic City ARK part of their outreach efforts. Moving into more areas of service, Scenic City ARK continues its mission by providing numerous ways for people to help people.

“Everyone is just one step away from being homeless. In today's economy, all it takes is one lost job or set of bad circumstances and anyone could be on the street.”

Alan Cantrell - President, Scenic City ARK Ministries
Scenic City ARK provides a way for people to help people.

What our guests say

Scenic City ARK has helped thousands in just a few short years. Here are a few of the many comments we have recieved.

"I was homeless during the winter and I came here every Sunday. They gave me such hope during a dark and hopeless time. What they're doing is just awesome. The fellowship, the prayers and the food. Since then I have entered a wonderful transitional period. I feel blessed. God is good and He is working through this ministry."

Brooke B.

"It's amazing how you could work forty plus hours a week and still not have enough money to support your basic needs. I really appreciate these guys coming out. They talk about Christ, give us things we can take home, and feed us. It's really a good help for me and people like me. It's a God send and I'm glad they are here."

Robert C.

"Me and my fiance really appreciate what you all do for us. Thank you."

Bryan W.